CMA Bounty Hunter MX: Round 5


San Jose Fairgrounds
CMA Bounty Hunter MX: Round 5
Story & Photos by Eddie Graveline

Time flies when you're having fun, which is probably why round 5 of the California Motorcycle Associationís Bounty Hunter series seemed to sneak up on the hundreds of riders committed to traveling the circuit. Those diehards had already been to Salinas, Santa Maria and Hanford. Round 5 saw the traveling moto show swing farther north into the Bay Area and specifically, the Fairgrounds in San Jose.

There had been three pro races prior to round 5 (round 3 was for support classes only), but only two winners. Jeremy McGrath took the first two, while northern California's own Vincent Blair got his long awaited first victory at the third in Hanford. Blair had yet to finish off of the podium in the series, but after tasting the sweetness of victory once, anything short of that would be a disappointment to him.

Heading farther north had the effect of bringing some new faces into the mix. In the pro classes, the list of riders racing their first Bounty Hunter event of the year included Jerrad Fisher, Nick Davis, Scott Davis plus Jeff and Mikie Northrop. As far as Nor-Cal talent goes, it was a stacked event.

As with all Bounty Hunter events, riders had the opportunity to qualify into the main from the 125 and 250 classes. The main event would feature a single file, inverted start with the fastest riders in the back. The 125 class hit the track first and ended up being dominated by Jeff Northrop. The Team Green rider was lightning quick aboard a trick looking Kawasaki. Arenacross legend Jeff Willoh put in a solid effort, finishing second behind Northrop in both motos. Behind them, things got more complicated. Jeff Pestana and Nick Davis looked very strong in the first moto, finishing third and fourth respectively. Both ran into trouble in the second, though, and fell way down in the overall results. Clawson Motorsports rider Buffalo Soito deserves mention for his solid 5-5 performance, which earned fourth overall.

In 250 Pro action, Northrop was fast again, but not fastest. Vincent Blair engaged him and the rest of the class in a classic rumble for regional bragging rights. Scott Davis was on the pace most of the time as well, finishing third in the first moto, but fell out of contention in the second. Blair had the newly designed, expanded and very technical track wired. He was the only rider able to triple out of a tough rhythm section that went right in front of the stands. He seemed to gain a couple bike lengths every lap in that section alone.

For all of that hard work, Blair got to go to the back for the start of the main event. Northrop was right in front of him and as soon as the green flag signaled the start, those two moved toward the front of the pack with reckless abandon. As a result of his bad luck during the qualifiers, Scott Davis got a better starting position and moved into the lead for several laps early in the race. Northrop was the first of the two favorites to drop anchor right behind him with Blair showing up moments later. Davis was riding the wheels off of his RM, but Northrop and Blair were setting the pace. Northrop got around first, taking over the lead, while it took Blair a little longer to make a pass stick. That ended up being the difference in the race. While Blair was trying to move into second place, Jeff Northrop was building a lead. By the time Blair moved into the runner-up spot, it was too late to do anything about it.

While second wasn't exactly what Vincent Blair was looking for in San Jose, he still had to leave feeling pretty good. After keeping his podium streak alive, he was in the driverís seat heading into the second half of the season.


50 1st Timer: 1. Courtney Theisen (Yam); 2. Jordan Wisnoski.

50 Beg: 1. Logan Baker (Pol); 2. Jordan Kanady (Pol); 3. Tyler Amos (KTM); 4. Tristan Marseilles (KTM); 5. Levi Walker (Cob).

50 Nov: 1. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 2. Tommy Stevens (Pol); 3. Luke Gruetzmacher (KTM); 4. Callion McHaney (Cob); 5. Mikiah Morgan (KTM).

XR50: 1. Carly McCall (Hon); 2. Branden Osuna (Hon).

50 5-6 Open: 1. Tyler Amos (KTM); 2. Mikiah Morgan (KTM); 3. Callion McHaney (Cob).

50 7-8 Open: 1. Tyler Hjortland (KTM); 2. Tommy Stevens (Pol); 3. Luke Gruetzmacher (KTM); 4. Jordan Kanady (Pol); 5. Tristan Marseilles (KTM).

Outlaw 9-12: 1. Joaquin Gonzalez (Hon); 2. Mason Garcia (Hon).

Outlaw Mod: 1. Josh Siebenhaur (Hon); 2. Anthony Macera (Hon).

65 5-8 Beg: 1. James Sacher (KTM); 2. Tommy Stevens (Kaw); 3. Trent Nicholson (KTM); 4. William McHaney (Suz); 5. Logan Baker (Suz).

65 9-11 Beg: 1. Dalton Spjut (KTM); 2. Justin Jones (Kaw); 3. Joaquin Gonzalez (Suz).

65 Nov: 1. Anthony Amos (KTM); 2. Michael Fontana (KTM); 3. Paul Deredita (KTM); 4. Tyler Nicholson (KTM); 5. Justin Brown (Kaw).

65 Int: 1. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 2. Ryan Murphy (KTM).

65 5-8 Open: 1. Paul Deredita (KTM); 2. James Sacher (KTM); 3. Logan Baker (Suz).

65 9-11 Open: 1. Ryan Murphy (KTM); 2. Anthony Amos (KTM); 3. Michael Fontana (KTM); 4. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 5. Tyler Nicholson (KTM).

65 X: 1. Joseph Reynolds (KTM); 2. Anthony Amos (KTM); 3. Tyler Nicholson (KTM); 4. Brandon Orr (KTM); 5. Justin Brown (Kaw).

85 Beg: 1. Jason Kanady (Suz); 2. Jason Gandzjuk (Yam); 3. Anthony Rodriguez (Yam); 4. Jake Hjortland (Yam); 5. Cody Hendricks (Yam).

85 Beg (2): 1. Robert Olmos (Kaw); 2. Daniel Vandevanter (Yam); 3. Halland Ethridge (Yam); 4. Austin McCall (Yam); 5. Dalton Wilbur (Suz).

85 Nov: 1. Tanner Sisson (Suz); 2. Gabe Adame (Yam); 3. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 4. Michael Orr (Yam); 5. Evan Spano (Suz).

85 Int: 1. Ricky Rinauro (Yam); 2. Tyler Bereman (Yam).

85 5-11 Open: 1. Tyler Enticknap (Yam); 2. Gabe Adame (Yam); 3. Anthony Rodriguez (Yam); 4. Austin McCall (Yam); 5. Mason Garcia (Yam).

85 12-16 Open: 1. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 2. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 3. Michael Orr (Yam); 4. Shawn Murphy (Yam); 5. Nash Anderson (Suz).

85 X: 1. Ricky Rinauro (Yam); 2. Tyler Bereman (Yam); 3. Kyle Kessinger (Yam); 4. Gabe Adame (Yam); 5. Michael Orr (Yam).

Supermini: 1. Ricky Rinauro (Yam); 2. Nash Anderson (Suz).

4-Stroke 9-150 Youth: 1. Dalton Wilbur (Hon); 2. Thomas Marquez (Yam); 3. Garrett Amos (Yam); 4. Austin McCall (Yam); 5. Colton Garcia (Yam).

125 Youth: 1. Greg Karmann (Yam); 2. Seth Hickman (Hon); 3. Dustin Pipes (Kaw); 4. Denver Edwards (Hon); 5. Addy Enticknap (Hon).

125 Beg: 1. Addy Enticknap (Hon); 2. Timmy Koppi (Yam); 3. Ryan Theisen (Yam); 4. Drew Vandevanter (Yam); 5. Brandon Simons (Hon).

125 Nov: 1. Nathan Brock (Yam); 2. Bryan Merk (Yam); 3. Ryan Leebelt (Yam); 4. Jeremy Baeza (Hon); 5. John Karmann (Yam).

125 Nov (2): 1. Corey Jordan (Hon); 2. Nathan Francis (Hon); 3. Seth Hickman (Hon); 4. Denver Edwards (Hon); 5. Jarod Pack (Yam).

125 Int: 1. Greg Karmann (Yam); 2. Steven Hembree (Yam); 3. Colin Clay (Hon); 4. Eric Ralls (Yam); 5. Les Soito (Yam).

125 Pro: 1. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 2. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 3. Jerrad Fisher (Suz); 4. Buffalo Soito (Yam); 5. Mikie Northrop (Yam).

250 Beg: 1. Kenny Arimoto (Hon); 2. Joey Garcia (Yam); 3. Ryan Theisen (Yam); 4. Brandon Tinoco (Hon); 5. Tom Lynch (Hon).

250 Nov: 1. Bryan Merk (Yam); 2. Ryan Leebelt (Yam); 3. John Karmann (Yam); 4. Jeremy Baeza (Hon); 5. Nathan Brock (Yam).

250 Int: 1. Greg Karmann (Yam); 2. Steven Hembree (Yam); 3. Eric Ralls (Yam); 4. Colin Clay (Hon); 5. Michael Fargher (Hon).

250 Pro: 1. Vincent Blair (KTM); 2. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 3. Jeff Pestana (Hon); 4. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 5. Nick Davis (Suz).

Vet Beg: 1. Bobby Zoelin (Yam); 2. Richard Lansden (Yam); 3. Steven Hill (Hon).

Vet Nov: 1. Matt Silva (Hon); 2. Jeff Theisen (Hon); 3. Wade Speyer (Hon); 4. Mike Antles (Yam); 5. Dave Duarte (Hon).

Vet Pro: 1. Randy Alvarado (Yam).

OT Nov: 1. Craig Heredia (Hon); 2. Rob Wise (Hon).

OT Int: 1. Greg Douglas (Yam); 2. David Helton (Yam); 3. Mark Hawkins (Yam); 4. John Theisen (Hon); 5. Dave Duarte (Hon).

Bounty Hunter Main: 1. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 2. Vincent Blair (KTM); 3. Derek Mahoney (Hon); 4. Dennis Stapleton (Hon); 5. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 6. Scott Davis (Suz); 7. Jeff Pestana (Hon); 8. Josh Cox (Yam); 9. Jess Medley (Hon); 10. Jerrad Fisher (Suz); 11. Buffalo Soito (Hon); 12. Nick Davis (Suz).

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